35+ Party

Friday free entrance



Tickets now available

Buy your tickets online!

The following tickets can be purchased online until Friday July 31th @ 12 AM:

  • Friday  tickets
  • Weekend tickets
  • Camping tickets

The Saturday tickets can be purchased online until August 1st @ 2 PM.

If you don't want to buy your tickets at the pre-sale rate, you can also purchase them at the entrance of the festival site.

You can also buy tickets here at pre-sale rate from July the 1st.

  • Huis Was-Creemers Peer
  • Dagbladhandel 't Gazetje Boseind  Neerpelt
  • Dagbladhandel Bij Rooske Maaseik
  • VDS Electronics Kinrooi
  • Dagbladhandel De Kiosk Opglabbeek
  • Esso Van Horne Lozenweg 32 Hamont
  • Esso Van Horne Randweg Oost 1 Budel
  • Dagbladhandel Bianco & Gino Saffraenbergstraat 12 Kaulille (Bocholt)
  • Tankstation Bruno Bocholt
  • VBC Bree
  • Rob's Shop Dorpsstraat 27,Overpelt
  • Station Ceyssens Genkerbaan 18 Meeuwen
Camping tickets pre-sale
  • Online or @ Tankstation Bruno Bocholt!


Eikenlaan (Damburg)3950 BocholtBelgium




Free bicycle parking at the entrance of the Beach Party site!


Free buses are available! 

There are 4 bus routes starting from Kinrooi, Hechtel, Neerpelt and Achel. 

Download the bus schedule here.


For those who come by car, there will be enough parking available. Please follow the "P" signs. We strongly advise everybody to use the official parking area and do NOT park your car in streets in the neighbourhood. 



The festival camping is close to the Beach Party site. It is located behind the sports complex "De Damburg" @ Brogelerweg 59 3950 Bocholt. Please follow the "CAMPING" signs.

Camping Tickets

Camping tickets only cost 10 EUR per weekend / per person (pre-sale rate). Tickets can be purchased via E-ticket on this website or @ Tankstation Bruno Bocholt.

Read the camping regulations here.

Pre-party @ festival camping

Various DJ's will create a warming-up party for every camper in order to get in the ultimate party-mood!

  • Friday July 31th: ± 4:30 pm => 9 pm
  • Saturday August 1st: ± 1 pm => 9 pm
Facilities @ festival camping
  • Toilets
  • Showers
  • Possibility to obtain drinks and snacks
  • BBQ area


  • Lockers

Valuables can be safely stored away in a safe deposit locker at the Beach Party site. We ask for a small contribution for hiring a locker during the weekend/day.

  • Food and Drinks

  • Toilets

  • Security

  • First Aid (Red Cross)